About us

Our Story


Our team is compiled of many talented food scientists, health and wellness experts, formulators and technologists who can actively lend a hand in helping you create your best products possible; that are both healthier for us and the planet. We are based in Ireland and operate virtually and globally through a network of food science experts, technologists, academics and industry experts.

Vision & Mission

iNewtrition’s vision is to contribute to transparent, safe and fair systems made up of sustainable, nutritious and multi-functional food and beverage products to enhance health and wellness and create shared value.

We aim to achieve this by collaborating with each other and helping businesses and organisations create food products that benefit the greater good as well as their bottom line.

Our Founder

iNewtrition’s Founder and Director, Raphaëlle O’Connor has over 25 years of food innovation experience working internationally for start-ups and multinationals in converging products for consumer health.

After starting her career as a food scientist and technologist, she led multiple global and regional teams, supporting brand and business development projects with Wyeth, Pfizer and Nestlé.

Her experience includes natural, bioactive and multifunctional ingredients used in many different FMCG categories such as infant formula, probiotics, nutraceuticals, dietary supplements and cosmeceuticals.

Raphaëlle is also the company director of Bia-Biz, a directory of free web resources for the food industry, an experienced project manager and a strategic adviser for many food start-ups, ingredients suppliers and manufacturers across the Functional Foods, and Health & Wellness industries.

Exceptionally professional, dedicated and hard-working

“Exceptionally professional, dedicated and hard-working”

“Raphaëlle was a joy to work with, making it easy for us to do our job. She is an exceptionally professional, dedicated and hard-working person, and I would have no hesitation in recommending her. “

Liz Sheehan

Raphaëlle is a very energizing person that has great personal skills

“Raphaëlle is a very energizing person that has great personal skills”

“I had the pleasure to work with Raphaëlle during my experience in Nestle Nutrition Global Regulatory Affairs team. She proactively provided great technical support to regulatory evaluation on new products development and was able to lead I&R projects with efficiency and efficacy.”

Paola La Mendola

Her professional experience and knowledge has been so valuable

“Her professional experience and knowledge has been so valuable”

“At SiSú we’ve been very fortunate to have worked with Raphaëlle. She brings both energy and vision in everything she does with us. Her professional experience and knowledge has been so valuable to the projects we have worked on together along with her superb understanding and interest in entrepreneurship. “

Brian McGann
Director of Sisū

Raphaëlle is extremely knowledgeable in her line of work

“Raphaëlle is extremely knowledgeable in her line of work”

“Having worked with Raphaëlle, I can vouch for her diligent and hardworking character. Raphaëlle is extremely knowledgeable in her line of work with a great passion for self-learning and development. With her wealth of experience, Raphaëlle has strong project management skills and a results focused approach to her work. “

Caroline Wallace
R&D Process Development Specialist at Nestlé S.A. Wyeth Nutrition