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Guiding Principles

We eat food, not individual nutrients.

At inewtrition, we believe that food fuels our lives. We also believe that prevention is better than cure, and that nutritious food can bridge these two beliefs.

Dietary intake probably affects our overall wellness. The cumulative consumption of given foods can, over time, improve or impair our health. Nutritional food science is about understanding the components that make up our food, and the roles these components play in the body.

The complexities of food and its effects on our health are subject to many factors. Biology, culture, ethnicity, family history, finances, and lifestyle can all influence how food affects us.

But food is more than just nutrition.

The role that food plays in social activities, pleasure, and celebrations should never be underestimated. Or undermined. Nor should individual foods or food components ever be demonised. Food in itself is almost never the issue, but rather the dose, the processing, the distribution, or the reliance upon that food.

Nutrition is a young science – but it is a science. Therefore, it is and should always be based on scientific evidence, to the limit of available research. Nutritional food science can also play a complementary role in health advice.

The industry that creates our food is an integral part of our societies, economies, and environments. We can all work together to create safe food supplies that are healthier and more nutritious, and more available, sustainable, and affordable.

Sustainability, transport burdens, and the support of local economies all must be taken into account when developing policies and designing food systems. The valuable contributions of producers, processors, and retailers also need to be acknowledged and given due consideration.

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