Building Blocks of Product Innovation

Building blocks of product innovation

The Challenge

Creating a plant-based smoothie that is protein enriched and low in sugar with a fruit juice base whilst achieving the desired mouthfeel, texture and taste

Problem Solving

Proteins can have an aftertaste that needs masking. Sugar reduction leads to reduced mouthfeel and more watery texture.


Protein enriched ingredient blend containing proteins, fibers, texturizers and sweeteners looking for synergies with enhanced nutritional labelling and cost-saving initiatives:
  • Pea and fava protein combination delivers a neutral taste profile, without aftertaste or colouring
  • Fibers deliver excellent water absorption and moisture holding capacity while improving shelf life
  • Corn starch and pectin deliver a great mouthfeel and texture in an acidic environment
  • Sweetness blend delivers a balanced sweet taste with lower calories.

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