Develop and launch two plant-based, clean-label brands

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The objective

Help develop and launch two plant-based, clean-label brands for a multinational client.

The Challenge

Nimbly creating authentic, entrepreneurial, fast-to-market solutions can sometimes be a challenge for large corporations.

Our approach

  • Development

  • Scaling

  • Third-party manufacturer search and selection

  • Packaging and website design

We worked across multiple internal departments to develop and execute a plan for the two unique brands, which were:

Brand 1: A reinvention of pudding cups with vegetables as the primary ingredient

The solution

Raphaëlle led product development by reformulating the initial recipes and developing new flavours based on indulgent desserts (which happened to be good for you). She created 5 SKUs – chocolate mousse, banana cream, cookie dough, oatmeal raisin, and sweet potato pie, with the tagline, “Sinfully sweet, honestly good for you.”

Raphaëlle produced the first pilot runs, created full packaging specs and designs, and managed the design of the website.

Brand 2: A reinvention of the hummus category, in a world where hummus is everywhere.

The solution

Raphaëlle decided to reinvent the category by replacing chickpeas with other vegetables to create the base of the spreads. The flavours were caprese (sundried tomato, roasted red pepper, basil), supergreen (spinach, kale, apple), and Thai fusion (carrot, sweet potato, ginger). For this brand, Raphaëlle led innovation development and the initial reformulations, and developed new flavour SKUs – all within one month. She also negotiated a qualified third-party manufacturer with the highest quality assurance standards and developed packaging designs and a website for the brand.


  • Turnkey solution
  • Product development
  • Co-manufacturer search, vetting, & selection
  • Packaging design
  • Website design

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