Helping the food industry make healthier choices.

Consumers are increasingly mindful of the nutritional quality of the food they eat, where ingredients come from, and the environmental impact of their choices. iNewtrition exists to help companies bridge the gap between emerging consumer needs and new product development, accelerating the innovation process and feasibility of healthier, functional, and sustainable offers to the market.

Our consulting services create solutions and insights with R&D and NPD to support professionals and investors in the food, beverages, and specialized nutrition industries with the technical knowledge and seniority they need.

Food development

iNewtrition’s goal is to address innovation with a consumer-centric approach by working with start-ups and established brands to enhance health and wellness in industrialized food without compromising convenience and vital sensory attributes that create pleasurable experiences. We believe that new food technology can allow companies to make more conscious and sustainable choices concerning innovation, creating shared value with customers while caring for the environment.

Our founder and Senior Consultant

Raphaelle O Connor Senior consultant

Raphaëlle O’Connor is a Senior R&D and NPD consultant with a Ph.D. in Food Science and Technology and more than 25 years of experience working with product development in the FMCG industry for companies like Nestle, Pfizer, and Wyeth Nutritionals. Her extensive professional experience at regional and global levels ranges from several product categories such as infant formula, probiotics, nutraceuticals, dietary supplements, functional foods, functional beverages, and cosmeceuticals. 

Combining a unique set of technical skills with a business mindset, Raphaëlle can navigate different audiences, from investors to academics and scientists, sharing her knowledge with structure, speed, and precision. She is passionate about developing products for conscious consumers, and her work is in line with the latest trends in new ingredients, scientific evidence, and sustainability principles. 

Global network of industry experts

iNewtrition actively fosters new relationships and partnerships with top professionals from around the globe. From talented chefs to academics, researchers, brand strategists, and food science consultants, we can connect you with local professionals to find specific solutions that require on-site support.
Global company

Innovation as a Service

Companies of all sizes and budgets can count on our consulting support to access curated technical information or specific food-tech skills and accelerate innovation without increasing headcount. 

Working together on challenging scientific projects, developing cutting-edge formulas, or optimizing manufacturing processes are some of the ways we can contribute to your business. From technical developments in your product portfolio or even “translating” complex scientific papers into easy-to-understand, non-technical language, think of us as your technical partner when things get too complicated, or you need extra R&D resources to get things done. 

Ad Hoc Consultation

Ad-hoc consultations

You can learn more about a specific ingredient, market, or food technology and get senior advice on your innovation challenges.

Food development projects


We can work together to create or accelerate projects, develop a new product, or change formulations. 

Continuous Support

Continuous support

You can have our continuous support to work on multiple projects as if we were part of your internal team.

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