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Sometimes your research and development capacity reaches its limit. Market understanding, technical knowledge, and seniority can all challenge innovation. Our industry experts can step in and offer a hands-on approach to help you uncover new opportunities. From ideation, to feasibility studies, ingredient sourcing, and production-process excellence, we can provide uniquely specialised expertise across all aspects of the food production industry.

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Product development

Product development
We can help with:

The use of new ingredients

Product improvement and portfolio management

Innovation pipeline and new product development

Project management

For example:

Alternative protein sources, superfoods, plant-based nutrition, and healthier substitutes for traditional ingredients.

Adjusting formulations to include functional claims, making products healthier, and reducing environmental impact.

Diverse, consumer-oriented, agile, bold, design-based thinking.


Mapping, tracking, gatekeeping, and leading cross-functional teams.

Consumer and market insights

Woman checking ingredients
We can help with:

Consumer research and insight into health and nutrition trends

Market innovation, and new food and technology trends

For example:

Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of concepts, products, and sensorial attributes. Our continuous curation of scientific research brings constant insight into product performance, consumer health needs, and lifestyle trends.

Evaluation of competitors’ portfolios, claims, and formulations. Opportunity mapping for ingredients and new technological implementations also increases competitiveness.

Process excellence

Engineers at work in manufacturing plant
We can help with:

Supply chain, value chain, and production process optimisation

Raw material sourcing

Trials, pilot runs, and commercial runs

For example:

Implementation of industry-best practices, to meet the criteria of specific certifications.

Review of the raw material specifications and quality parameters that impact ingredient performance, and through sustainable sourcing.

Strategic production implementation with third parties or internal facilities.

Global deployment of innovation

Global Deployment of innovation
We can help with:

Understanding local needs

Managing innovation simultaneously in multiple countries

For example:

Connecting with local experts who understand their competitive landscapes, regulations, and consumer habits, and how to best address their markets.

Through our ongoing leadership of international teams. By sensitively implementing global innovation strategies at local levels, we can reduce information asymmetry between teams in different countries and identify emergent synergies.

Modular, integrated solutions for an inclusive
approach to technical expertise

Ad Hoc Consultation

One on One consultation

Make informed decisions and save time through an in-depth, knowledge-sharing session with a senior food industry consultant. Get curated technical information about a specific ingredient, market, or food technology.

Food development projects


Create a customised proposal using our unique project management methodology that combines food-tech knowledge, design-based thinking, and years of industry experience.

Continuous Support

Continuous support

Increase your innovation capacity with our ongoing technical support. This can allow you to work on multiple product development projects at once, creating space for mid- and long-term innovation.

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