Here’s how we can work together and fast-track innovation

We offer a range of complementary services to support your project from concept through to launch. Our engagement options give you what you need, when you need it.

Support Services

Seek to solidify your position in an increasingly tentative global economy?

iNewtrition can help with new and emergent issues by looking ahead to figure out what major food product development will matter to you next and regain your sense of focus.

Here are an example of the areas we can focus on:

  • Information: The data, trends and analyses that take the client’s world, industry, category and market position and extract the relevant “nuggets”.
  • Expertise: An experienced operator’s perspective on food R&D, scientific and technical problems and the different ways that it can be solved.
  • Insight: The rigorous, analytical application of expertise to come up with consumer insights that will help the company, project and team succeed.
  • Execution and Project Management: The roadmap to choosing and implementing the changes to be made.

Monthly Retainer
Secure yourself On-demand counsel and consulting on an array of strategic and tactical topics, categories and/or brands. High impact outcomes to support you and your team with your toughest business challenges Contact us

Ad-Hoc Consultation
Hourly rate for instantaneous and immediate insight into a focused topic and area(s) of interest to your organisation to make better decision and minimise risks at a specific point of time.
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Medium / Long Term Projectsr
Medium to long term projects advisor with cost-effective rates to align with your budget and business needs. Work with one of our project managers to bring your new food product idea to market on time and on budget. Send Your Project Brief

Innovation Catalysts
Workshop facilitator from 4 hours up to 2 working days to reveal new business models or define unmet customers needs. Bring your innovative food product development project to completion, with this tailored training. Contact us

Business Intelligence
Rich and targeted qualitative and quantitative analysis of the landscape to identify blue spaces for innovation, positioning and differentiation for your food product development project Contact us

Global Network Capabilities
Identifying specific expertise, technologies and services across our extensive network of top professionals. Ingredients and packaging suppliers, solution providers, packaging suppliers and co-manufacturers, who can accelerate route and product to market from ideation to shelf. Contact us