Ad-Hoc Consultation

I offer expertise on-demand and instant availability on all aspects of the product development and innovation processes

Gain immediate expertise and insight

When you need an immediate answer to critical questions or help finding the best, most cost-efficient ways to proceed with a project, you can set up a 1-hour call with us to help you come up with the answers.

We can discuss anything you need help with be it due diligence, sanity checks, risk assessments or trouble shooting.

Not sure how much time you need?

If you need more than a one hour call we also offer hourly rates for instantaneous and immediate insight into a focused topic and area(s) of interest to your organisation to make better decisions and minimise risks at a specific point of time.

Everything we talk about with you is done under an NDA so you don’t have to worry.

Contact us or schedule a free 20 minute introductory call for more information about our Ad-hoc Consulting service.