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Areas of expertise

The broad-ranging experience of our network means we can quickly solve almost any problem, allowing you to focus on other areas of your business.

We are ready to help you create consumer-centric products that are healthy, sustainable, and profitable. Our global network of experts in food science and new product development can help you, especially in these key areas:

Project management

If your company requires a food-product development strategy, you may not want or need a full-time project manager. We can manage any project on your behalf. From startups to global multinationals, we can create a timeline based on your resources, deadlines, logistics, and budget, and work with your existing team as needed.

By outsourcing production management with us, you’ll also gain access to our global network. inewtrition’s worldwide experts, suppliers, and research organisations will help you find the right co-manufacturers and co-packers for your project.

Food science, technology, and processing

Nutritional food science can predict how ingredients will behave and interact within a specific matrix. We evaluate the tastes, textures, and aromas of finished food products throughout their entire shelf life. Decades of expertise in gated project management ensure the products we develop will always meet compliance standards.

Where consumer demands lead to conflict with process optimisation and scale-up, we can help you bridge that gap. Veteran experience in the management of trial and commercial runs means we understand how to fix those problems while maintaining quality and safety.

Consumer behaviour

Consumers demand functional, nutritional foods made with sustainable ingredients. inewtrition constantly assesses emerging trends both locally and globally. We anticipate market needs that will drive sales channels, and work constantly to uncover new opportunities.

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