Medium / Long Term Projects

At iNewtrition we offer medium to long term consulting services to fit your needs.

With you from strategy through to launch

Medium to long term projects advisor with cost-effective rates to align with your budget and business needs.

Work with one of our project managers to bring your new food product idea to market on time and on budget.

Advantages of working with iNewtrition

  • Global integrated “learning network” of food science consultants in complementary fields of adjacent sectors and industries
  • Low overheads and margins with digital framework and global platform to answer companies’ questions on an on-demand basis.
  • The value is not time-bound, in the sense that the advice will not get outdated quickly and the support will be available as needed. Companies can bring us a problem, and iNewtrition will produce a solution with clear visibility into what happens during that process and unlimited access to information and knowledge.
  • The value is largely driven by information asymmetry (knowing things other consultants or companies don’t), which is maintained and refreshed constantly.
  • Flexible, agile and modular to find the right source, and pay by the hour for a confidential, informal chat (or series of consultations) on whatever topics you choose or have a long-term project as you see fit.
Contact us or schedule a free 20 minute introductory call for more information about our Medium / Long term projects service.