Our Food Science and New Product Development Expertise

iNewtrition is made up of a global network of food science and technology experts ready to provide technical assistance remotely and help you create healthy, sustainable and profitable food products that are multi-functional, nutritional with health benefits.

Life sciences and consumer behaviour

Sometimes formulations look great on paper but then create compliance issues, fail to deliver on taste and texture, or consumers simply don’t like them. When you work with iNewtrition, there will be no unexpected turns.

We can use nutritional data science to predict how ingredients will interact and evaluate texture, flavours and taste of finished food products throughout shelf-life. Also, we’re always up to date with the latest consumer research and nutritional studies, so we know what ideas will work on the market and what won’t.

Food technology & processes

Consumers demand healthy functional and nutritional foods made with sustainable ingredients, but that sometimes conflicts with the need to optimise processes and scale up.

With iNewtrition, you can bridge this gap effectively.

We can manage trials from pilots to commercial runs, keeping the same standards of quality and safety while you focus on other areas of the business.

Global project management

If you need a food development project manager, there’s no need to hire one full time. We’ll manage the project from beginning to end, working with your existing team to create a timeline according to your deadlines, logistics, resources and budget.

And if you decide to outsource production, we can give you access to a worldwide network of experts, suppliers, and research organisations, to help you find the right co-manufacturers and co-packers.