Consulting Services

Our Innovation as a Service (IaaS) model is:

Flexible and cost-effective to create end-to-end value

We don’t have an all-or-nothing approach with clients. Simply outsource the services you need with us and continue managing the rest internally.

Agile, fully distributed and always available

We have years of experience working remotely and recommend this option as a great way to be more productive while saving you time and money, but we are also able to work with you on-site, when necessary.

Here’s how we can work together and fast-track innovation

1-1 Consultation and Advisory Support
We will happily facilitate a quick call to answer your food product development query. You can also book a 1-hour remote consultation or workshop for only €150 and get immediate actionable insights and actions. Book a Consultation

Tailored Support
If one hour is not enough, then our tailored support is the perfect fit for short, medium or long term projects. Let us know what steps you need help with, and we can start working together right away. Contact us

End-to-end Project Management
Do you have your idea and resources ready, but lack a Project Manager? No need to hire one full-time. You can work with one of our project managers to bring your new food product idea to market on time and on budget. Contact us

Bespoke Innovation Workshops
We offer 8-hour workshops where we can get your team up to speed with the skills and product design tools they need to bring your innovative food development project to completion. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions, so training will be completely tailored to your needs. Book a Consultation

We support you on every step of your innovation journey:


  • Linking business goals to food science and technology tools
  • Developing partnerships with other food research and development companies and organizations
  • Assessing new applicable technologies, within or outside the food industry
  • Culinary projects
  • Specialising in turn-key food product development of clean-label and converging products when possible
  • Combining applied research and effective communication strategy for an appropriate “commercialisation of science”


  • Feasibility and shelf life study
  • Formulation design and development
  • Nutritional analysis and labelling
  • Safety, quality and regulatory compliance
  • Sensory and organoleptic testing
  • Prototyping of minimum viable product
  • Optimising processes and cost
  • Technology transfer and troubleshooting
  • Packaging design and development


  • Co-manufacturer, co-packer, and supplier sourcing
  • Artwork and label development
  • Registration documents
  • Due diligence activities to ensure compliance-by-design
  • Launch and post-launch strategy

If you’re unsure what type of service is best for you, send us an email or give us a call and we will happily assist you.
And if you’re not ready to get started yet, you can browse our free resources.