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It is fruit-cogs contains of Orange, lemon and Kiwi

Functional confectionery

The objective

A new startup in the Irish and UK health and wellness space tasked inewtrition with investigating the potential market opportunity for a range of functional confectionery. The product would be based on a unique nutritional profile with a blend of bioactives that would position the brand as a differentiated challenger in their category.

The challenge

This project was initiated shortly after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. This immediately presented challenges in the development and launch of a new product, due to constantly changing data, rules, regulations, and restrictions. We worked remotely via video sessions until the project was successfully completed, enabling the brand to get a head start in an extremely competitive category.

The approach

  • Market and consumer research
  • New product development planning
  • Project management support
  • Food science and nutritional expertise

We worked directly with the clients to build a product based on key market and consumer trends and insights. RACI models ensured timeline adherence and smooth development. We assessed unique formulation and nutrient profiles and validated the correct quantities of ingredients and bioactives. This assisted greatly in the prototyping and processing stages, as well as aiding in our analysis of appropriate delivery systems. An evaluation of disruptive packaging trends helped us identify features and opportunities that aided shelf-life longevity. Thorough adherence to the appropriate regulatory and compliance requirements also helped us better understand the scalability and economic viability of manufacturing this product in the most cost-effective and sustainable way for Irish and UK markets.

Results Achieved

  • By using foresight analysis, in-depth product research, and market exploration, we established a deeper understanding of the future competitive market landscape, the positioning of key players, and factors that would affect future supply and demand.
  • We validated their product idea and identified the correct bioactive ingredients, formulation, and technology to enhance bioavailability and develop the product’s unique selling points.
  • We carried out innovation profiling at the prototyping stage, which helped us identify new business opportunities. We then established suitable contract manufacturers and partners for growth and full scale-up, to maximise the brand’s commercial value potential.
  • Our approach of compliance by design allowed the brand to avail of all relevant nutritional and health claims in the UK.
  • We provided an overview of the tender process, and the key requirements in the selection of packaging and label suppliers. This helped the company source and create sustainable packaging options that aligned with their values and future marketing strategy.

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