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inewtrition can help prevent unexpected problems by looking ahead to determine how major food-product developments may affect you.

Whether you need a quick answer to a critical question, ongoing monthly guidance, or long-term support, we can elevate your team to meet any challenge.

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iNewtrition’s Founder and Director, Raphaëlle O’Connor has over 25 years of food innovation experience, as a food product developer, working internationally for start-ups and multinationals in converging products for consumer health.

After starting her career as a food scientist and technologist, she led multiple global and regional teams, supporting brand and business development projects with Wyeth, Pfizer and Nestlé.

Her experience includes natural, bioactive and multifunctional ingredients used in many different FMCG categories such as infant formula, probiotics, nutraceuticals, dietary supplements and cosmeceuticals.

Raphaelle O'Connor iNewtrition

If you need more than a one hour call we also offer hourly rates for instantaneous and immediate insight into a focused topic and area(s) of interest to your organisation to make better decisions and minimise risks at a specific point of time.

iNewtrition can help with new and emergent issues by looking ahead to figure out what major food product development will matter to you next and regain your sense of focus.

Innovation as a service platform (IaaS)

  • Information: The data, trends and analyses that take the client’s world, industry, category and market position and extract the relevant “nuggets”.
  • Expertise: An experienced operator’s perspective on food R&D, scientific and technical problems and the different ways that it can be solved.
  • Insight: The rigorous, analytical application of expertise to come up with consumer insights that will help the company, project and team succeed.
  • Execution and Project Management: The roadmap to choosing and implementing the changes to be made.