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inewtrition offers a range of modular services that can support your project from concept to launch.

Expertise on demand

At inewtrition, we specialise in taking on challenging technical and scientific projects. We develop leading-edge formulas, robust processes, and manufacturing procedures that provide outstanding products for you and your consumers. From startups to international business expansions, we deliver comprehensive expertise and leadership backed by decades of proven success.

Business Strategy

Product development goes beyond the ingredients and technical aspects, you also need to be able to understand how to commercially market your product through the launch stage. inewtrition can help you bring your ideas to life through product and market validation, research, scoping new business opportunities, and identifying suitable partners for growth.

NPD, Research & Formulations

We can work with you from the very beginning in moving your product from ideation to development and beyond. This can include validating the correct ingredients and quantities for the results you want to achieve, working with you through the processing and prototyping stages, as well as analysing appropriate delivery systems, packaging and regulatory compliance.

Food-Technology & Innovation

Converging industries has allowed innovation to grow immensely and this is a key focus area for us. We believe that food innovation is a key driver of growth and a solution to many of our global food industry problems. We want to help you encourage innovation in your business through the products you create. We use a design-thinking and consumer-centric approach to help you every step of the way.

Clean Science & Natural Ingredients

Clean science refers to the relationship between nature and science. We use this concept and way of thinking with clients who want to improve their portfolio in terms of functionality, nutrition, or sustainability. We can look at the re-validation of by-products, identify relevant bioactives occuring naturally in your ingredients, evaluate disruptive packaging, product format and usage occasions.

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Whether you need a quick answer to a critical question, ongoing monthly guidance, or long-term support, we can elevate your team to meet any challenge.

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