Established Brands

To grab the business opportunities that are “on the edge” to bridge to a new market, category or positioning. I work with leading businesses and brands to realise their commercial opportunity and develop a resilient pipeline or manage a robust innovation portfolio to help them capitalize on the skyrocketing consumer’s health and wellness economy. Not only I conceptualize on-trend brand and product concepts, but can bring them from concept to tuition.

Consumer demand is driving immense growth in the health and wellness sector, and our rich understanding and knowledge of the trends in this competitive landscape can help your company develop innovative new products, services and technologies and firmly establish your presence in this growing and dynamic economy. I am here to help, from strategies and products to solving tough tactical projects and unlock new business ventures and ideas.

My global team of problem-solving professionals uses seasoned knowledge combined with data, creativity and flair to enhance your product range through life cycle management and continuous improvement initiatives.  With this in mind, I manage innovation projects from concept through to launch, and supporting brands to reach new consumers and segments to grow their business.