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Develop, launch & scale

iNewtrition acts as an enabler and catalyst to commercialise Science & Technology.

We are product development experts who believe the job isn’t done until product is coming off a line during a trial run and we are commercially ready. We start wherever you are; initial idea, early prototype, or existing product on the market, and end with a formulation optimized for your manufacturing site or co-packer and a completed trial run with a clear path forward for a successful launch followed by scale for effective growth.


Where we can help

  • Positioning – in-depth research to understand your brand’s competitive set, market and category size, growth and trends, and how your brand can break through the clutter.
  • Build a robust product and process “by design” to mitigate any technical challenges that may arise during development and commercialisation.
  • Production & scaling solutions, sourcing and vetting suppliers and co-packers, forging powerful connections for efficient and effective growth.


We can offer your business clarity and targeted direction in brand positioning, go-to-market strategy and sales and distribution as well as customised recommendations for development, operations and manufacturing. Once you have a clear vision for your new ideas, we create a bespoke development plan with a clear project timeline. Our team then begin to create and develop your new products with regular feedback on progress. We will present back to you and work over any amends, as required.

When recipes are signed off we can set up your complete supply chain, from ingredients to packaging. We can also source new production facilities if required. We specialise in managing factory scale-up and line trials, identifying a clear critical path and implementing gate process to ensure we stay on track for a successful launch and within budget.

Improving your bottom line through years of operational knowledge, we will work to lower costs to increase profits so you can invest more in growing your business, team, pipeline and portfolio.

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