iNewtrition acts as an enabler and catalyst to commercialise Science & Technology.

Develop, launch & scale

We are product development experts who believe the job isn’t done until product is coming off a line during a trial run and we are commercially ready. We start wherever you are; initial idea, early prototype, or existing product on the market, and end with a formulation optimized for your manufacturing site or co-packer and a completed trial run with a clear path forward for a successful launch followed by scale for effective growth.

Activities and areas where we can help

  • Positioning – in-depth research to understand your brand’s competitive set, market and category size, growth and trends, and how your brand can break through the clutter.
  • Build a robust product and process “by design” to mitigate any technical challenges that may arise during development and commercialisation.
  • Production & scaling solutions, sourcing and vetting suppliers and co-packers, forging powerful connections for efficient and effective growth.


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