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Consumer acceptance of cultivated meat remains divided, LinkedIn poll reveals

Rare meat on a fork with pink petri dishes in the background

In a recent inewtrition LinkedIn poll, participants were asked to share their opinions on cultivated, or lab-grown, meat. The results of the poll, which garnered 23 votes, provide a glimpse into the diverse range of sentiments surrounding this emerging food technology. According to the poll, 35% of respondents expressed excitement about cultivated meat, seeing it […]

US approval of stem cell meat paves the way for a revolutionary future of food

Lab-grown chicken on a plate surrounded by laboratory equipment

According to the Good Food Institute, global investments in alternative proteins, including cultivated meat, reached $2.9 billion in 2022, indicating a substantial commitment from investors. Now, in a groundbreaking development, the United States has granted regulatory approval for the production and sale of stem cell meat, marking a significant milestone in the realm of alternative […]

Navigating transparency in the food and beverage industry: challenges & solutions

Food Transparency square

Transparency has become a paramount issue in the food and beverage industry, driven by increasing demands from customers for more information about the products they consume. These demands stem from various factors, including supply chain disruptions, rising food prices, and the growing emphasis on conscious consumerism. As food innovators, it is crucial to understand the […]

How to elevate your product innovation

Elevate product innovation

RaphaĆ«lle is the Founder and Director of inewtrition, with over 25 years of food innovation experience, as a food product developer, working internationally for start-ups and multinationals in converging products for consumer health. Here she talks about the factors that contribute to successful product innovation in the food and beverage industry and how an industry […]

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