Food industry innovation experts

We help companies develop new products or improve existing portfolios to meet consumer demands for healthier, functional, sustainable foods. Our consulting service provides businesses with a global network of industry-experienced specialists in food-tech, science, and development expertise.

Our technical guidance in research and new product development can turn your ideas into business

Healthy clean label food products

Healthier, functional, clean-label products

Plant based food and new products

Plant-based alternatives, new ingredients, and food technology

Global reach

Sustainable sourcing and production excellence

Together, let's design the future of food

Conscientious consumers try to make healthier choices every day. We use scientific insight to help professionals in the food and beverage industry approach innovation with a consumer-centric focus.

From startups to investors and established brands

We create bespoke solutions to overcome any deficit in technical knowledge, seniority, and resources

Product development and R&D

In research and new product development:

Through the use of new ingredients, nutritional studies, and through managing project and pipeline innovation.

Consumer and market insights

In consumer and market insight:

Through consumer and market-trend research, technology and ingredient tracking, and through competitor analysis.

Process excellence

In process excellence:

Through advice on supply chains, production processes, raw material sourcing, trials, pilots, and commercial runs.

Inewtrition visual guidelines

In the global deployment of innovation:

Through connections with local experts, the leading of international teams, and through global project rollouts.

With more than 25 years’ experience in the food industry, we can help you fast-track innovation without compromising quality.

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