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Unique problems in the food and wellness industries require unique innovations to solve them.

Innovation is an intentional process. It has to be, because relying on accidental innovation is not a plan.

For inewtrition, innovation begins with the consumer, and the constantly shifting landscape of consumer demand. We analyse consumer science, data, and insights to identify the opportunities that will transform foods, beverages, and nutraceuticals. Then we develop empathetic solutions that anticipate these emerging market trends.

We work constantly with a network of suppliers and a diverse set of leading-edge technologies to reinforce and update our own expertise. Having uncovered and vetted an opportunity, we find or create ingredients that have the right functional qualities and nutritional profile.

Next, we create new customer experiences. By characterising individual ingredients, we discover how formulations behave in production, and how this affects a product’s final attributes and characteristics. We also investigate how processing and packaging can enhance the synergies that ingredients may have. This can radically improve the quality of the final product, while further directing us toward the key sensory attributes that delight consumers.

Finally, we consider processing parameters, manufacturing steps, and supply-chain logistics during scale-up and commercialisation. From concept to point of sale, we constantly assess emerging trends, technologies, and solutions, to help you get a better, more cost-effective product to shelf faster.

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