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inewtrition provides access to an integrated, globally distributed network of over 30,000 professionals and experts in the categories of food science, technology, nutrition, and wellness. We specialise in two areas:

Food Product Development

The development of innovative new products, services, and technologies in the food and beverage industry

Risk Analysis Food Production

Risk management, sensitivity analysis and due diligence support for investors in food and wellness businesses

Product design and development

Our mission is to achieve the highest levels of innovative and commercial success for our clients. By mixing design-based thinking with a consumer-centric approach, we can improve and accelerate product development, transforming seed ideas into flourishing portfolios.

Precision analysis and expert insight

Diagram showing the four analytical tools and procedures inewtrition employs: Qualitative analysis, Quantitative analysis, Real Options analysis and E2E project support
At inewtrition, we not only make sure you get the right answers, we make sure you ask the right questions. The precise analysis tools and processes we deploy, combined with our extensive industry knowledge and experience enables the empowerment to make sound investment decisions within a rapidly evolving landscape.

Our founder

With over 25 years of expertise, Dr. Raphaëlle O’Connor is a visionary leader in food and beverage innovation, technology, and customised nutrition. Her dynamic guidance has driven successful product launches for renowned international companies and her passion lies in pioneering integrative nutrition and health solutions.
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