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At inewtrition, we analyse, manage, and mitigate risk in the areas of emerging consumer needs, new product development, and the commercialisation of science.

Our goal is to aid innovation through rigorous analysis, from boardroom to laboratory. 

Food, nutrition, health, technology, and business can share complex relationships. These complexities create ceaseless difficulties, but also offer endless opportunities and solutions.

In a constantly accelerating world, we believe that leading-edge analysis is the only way to keep up – or to set the pace. Whether that comes through startling combinations of emerging ingredients and industrial processes, or by brokering strategic partnerships in time to profit from emerging trends, information is key.

About inewtrition: Food and Beverage Consulting

Dr Raphaelle O'Connor talks about inewtrition's mission to create healthy, sustainable and innovative food and beverage products.

Efficient, accurate analysis is also economical. By eliminating dead-end avenues, we can reduce wastefulness and the strains placed on limited natural resources. Up-to-the-minute science and technology allow us to foreground sustainability. In concert with ethical practice, we can help companies develop products that create shared value with their customers while caring for the environment.

The best product is the product that benefits everyone. Our expertise allows us to identify and develop these products, and prime them for success.

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