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One-on-one consultations

If you require an urgent answer to a critical question, help with troubleshooting, or need a second opinion, then set up a one-hour call with us. We’ll help you find the answer.

We offer an hourly rate for insights into a focused topic. On a day and at a time of your choosing, you can discuss anything you need to with Raphaëlle, be it risk assessment, cost efficiency, due diligence, or troubleshooting.

Prior to the call, you can specify your precise context, objectives, and expectations via email. This means you get the absolute most out of your consultation time, thanks to our pre-work reading and research on your specific topic(s).

We guarantee strict confidentiality under a nondisclosure agreement and in full compliance with our consultancy agreement.

We have teamed up with Zoho and Stripe to process online payments safely and securely. Your investment for one hour of immediate remote technical support is €250.00.

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