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Established brands

We help leading brands and businesses maximise and expand their commercial opportunity.

Efficiency and expansion are vital to the long-term success of established companies and brands. Our qualitative and quantitative analysis tools can help you optimise your end-to-end portfolio management and pipeline development – from sourcing, to the integration of supply chains, to value chain analysis.

Beyond these granularities, we also offer key support when bridging into a new market, category, or positioning. These opportunities can be daunting and fraught with challenges. inewtrition works with leading brands and businesses to identify early warnings, and to anticipate and mitigate risk. Data-driven modelling allows us to assign risk probabilities, while real-option sensitivity analysis ensures appropriate, dynamic responses.

Our robust understanding of the food and wellness industry’s competitive landscape translates into the development of groundbreaking products, services, and technologies. We innovate, then solve tough, tactical problems. We develop and optimise new products and resilient pipelines to meet emerging trends, bringing leading-edge products into the consumer wellness economy.

Together, we can unlock new business strategies and ventures, manage robust innovation pipelines and portfolios, help you reach new markets and consumers, and create shared value.

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