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Maslow’s hierarchy of needs for segmentation

Picture of by Dr. Raphaëlle O'Connor

by Dr. Raphaëlle O'Connor

Raphaelle has over 25 years’ experience in the ideation,
development, and commercialisation of food chemistry,
food science, food technology, and nutrition.

An expectant mother carefully selecting healthy food options from an open refrigerator.

The convergence of markets between food & beverage and healthcare has become increasingly apparent over the last few decades. Today we take a fresh perspective using a common methodology – Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, a cornerstone in understanding human motivation and well-being, aligns seamlessly with our holistic approach to nutrition and wellness. It’s no surprise we have continue to the reference this thinking, and over time develop our own innovation pyramid specifically for the the food & beverage industry.

At its core, the original hierarchy delineates fundamental human needs in a pyramid structure. Starting with basic physiological necessities like food, shelter, and sleep at the base, it ascends through layers encompassing safety, social belonging, esteem, and culminating in self-actualisation at the pinnacle. We recognise the foundational importance of nourishing the body with quality products and meeting those physiological needs. As individuals progress up the hierarchy, we acknowledge the interconnectedness of nutrition, mental well-being, and societal connections, all crucial elements in achieving holistic health.


Innovation Methodology: Segmentation Pyramid

Understanding Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs provides a framework for tailoring our approach to nutrition and wellness, ensuring a comprehensive and individualised strategy that addresses the diverse layers of human well-being. Again, as one ascends the pyramid, a discernible shift occurs in the types of products created, becoming progressively more niche, and finally ending at customised or personalized offerings.

In this niche space, the benefits of the products designed take on a more specific and often ‘science/research-based’ nature, highlighting what can be termed the commercialisation of science. This intricate process is expertly navigated by Raphaelle O’Connor, who walks us through her segmentation in innovation methodology.


For a comprehensive understanding of this innovative approach, watch the insightful walkthrough by Raphaelle. Alternatively, delve into the complete ‘Innovation & NPD in the Food Industry’ webinar on-demand.


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