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Flavour wheels in the food industry

New food development innovation wheel

A flavour wheel is a graphical representation of flavour components found in foods and beverages. It breaks down taste experiences into individual elements, helping experts pinpoint and communicate nuances.

Super seaweed: boosting biomaterials through innovative cultivation techniques

Green seaweed floating in the ocean

Marine macroalgae have emerged as a promising source of natural metabolites with remarkable health benefits. Researchers from Tel-Aviv University and Israel Oceanographic & Limnological Research Ltd. have embarked on a study, published in Marine Drugs, to unlock the potential of seaweeds in enhancing the production of antioxidant and photoprotective biomaterials. Their innovative approach involves optimising […]

Breakthrough sensor for drink spiking detection: a testament to interdisciplinary science

Martini with an ominous shadow of a hand in the background

A sensor developed by 18-year-old Angie Fogarty to detect drink spiking incidents not only addresses a pressing societal issue but also exemplifies the interdisciplinary nature of food and beverage science. This remarkable innovation highlights the collaborative efforts of scientists from diverse fields, underscoring the evolving landscape of food science as a cross-disciplinary endeavour. By bridging […]

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