Medium- and long-term projects

We offer consulting services to fit your medium- to long-term  needs

With you from strategy to launch

inewtrition can work with you as a medium- to long-term project advisor. We offer cost-effective rates, allowing you to align your business needs and budget.

Work with one of our project managers to bring your new food product idea to market on-time and on-budget.

The advantages of working with inewtrition:

  • We are an integrated, globally distributed network of food science consultants. We operate in complementary fields, as well as in multiple adjacent sectors and industries.

  • Our digital framework and global platform mean we can cost- and time-effectively answer your company’s questions.

  • The value we contribute is not time-bound. We offer leading-edge advice and on-demand support that evolves alongside current research and global industry best practices.

  • We offer clear visibility into our problem-solving processes. Our clients are involved at every step, and we tailor solutions specifically to their needs.

  • inewtrition is agile and modular. We find the right resources for you and your company, meaning you pay only for what is essential.

  • We offer complete confidentiality.

Contact us, or schedule a free 20-minute introductory call for more information about our medium- and long-term project services.