Monthly Retainer

We’ll elevate your project, working with you on an ongoing basis while guaranteeing our availability for a set number of hours.

Bring your project and team to the next level from as little as 5 hours per month

How would 5 hours support per month elevate your product development project?

Each project and team will have different needs and timelines, of course, but we will always adapt the work to make sure you hit your deadlines on time and on budget.

What are some examples of projects that we can work on with just 5 hours p/month?

These are just a few suggestions and will all be tied in with more advanced technical knowledge and insights from myself and the experts at iNewtrition.

If you could use guidance for a few hours per month on your product development project, Contact us or schedule a free 20 minute introductory call for more information about our Retainer services.

Choose a preferred timeframe

Select from the 3 options below. Our pricing is based on 5 hours consultation per month for a minimum of 3 consecutive months.

Our monthly rate is €650 per month over 3 months, €600 per month over 6 months and €550 per month for 9 months.

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