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Gut Health: the gateway to wellness

Gut health: The gateway to wellness

Gut health is becoming a concern for a big part of consumers that want to improve their body system, since 45% of them consider it to be extremely important to the body’s health, according to a 2018 study made by Health Focus International. Therefore, the digestive system is known as the “gateway to wellness”.

In order to keep the digestive system working well, many customers tend to buy specific smart products, such as prebiotics, probiotics and enzymes. All those are essential to improving gut health, and you aren’t all what you eat – because we don’t always absorb everything we consume: you are what you absorb and digest.

With that in mind, improving the absorbing process of all the nutrients we consume must be a top concern for those that understand the influence of alimentation in all body systems. One of the elements pointed as a good solution for better digestive health is microbiome and microbiota – they are important not only for digestion, but also for immune and cognitive systems.

Therefore, it is time to keep focusing on microbiome and microbiota studies in order to bring better and smarter solutions for those that already understood the importance of gut health for the body.

Are you thinking along integrating some of those claims and health benefits for your next innovation pipeline? or enhancing your current portfolio as part of life cycle management initiatives? Do not hesitate to reach out and see how I can help to identify commercial opportunities in this space.

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