R & D Teams

  • What does innovation mean to you?
  • Is it a truly novel idea that makes you question your accepted beliefs?
  • Or is it simply any new SKU available on the shelf?

  • We are active in the community of consumer’s health with a specific focus on innovation and pride ourselves on identifying subtle signals, early warnings, emerging products and category trends. Not only can we help you screen and select new business opportunities, but we have an extensive network of ingredients suppliers, packaging suppliers and manufacturers with unique processes and technologies that can help you get your better and bolder product to shelf faster.

    Push, fail, learn, repeat – we are even more than the sum of our parts. Hailing from fine dining kitchen around the globe, world class labs, and headquarters of the world biggest brands, our uniquely assembled team instinctively understands the chemistry and synergistic relationships behind flavours, ingredients and shelf stability. This allows our hybrid team to invent entirely new techniques, processes and operating business models to achieve what was previously thought to be impossible.

    The world needs an intervention on innovation. We believe in challenging norms at every point in the development process. We partner with you and your team to dig in deep, identify better ways of working, and invent new solutions – from dreaming off the next big thing in food and beverage to helping your team scale up in the plant or with an external partner.

    From consumer concepts to a brainstorming session, we will help you analysis your unique situation and guide you and your team through the ideation process and build a culture of creativity and innovation. Together we will identify feasible products, services and technologies separately or combined that are consistent with your brand and budget.

    iNewtrition has an extensive knowledge in global and local emerging trends, consumer insights and sales channels. We can work with your Team to explore fresh perspectives and vision across different product categories and adjacent sectors. By working with you on a bespoke open innovation workshop, we will foster a culture where creativity and design thinking become embedded in the core values and mindset of your business.

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