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Reagent-free allergen detection: a game-changer for food safety

Allergen near infrared detection

Food allergies are a growing concern worldwide. They affect millions of people and can pose serious and even life-threatening health risks. As the number of people with food allergies increases, it becomes crucial to ensure that food products contain accurate allergen information. Traditional methods of allergen detection often target specific allergenic proteins or DNA, which […]

Sea to spoon: future of farming might be underwater

underwater farming

The pressures being placed on traditional agricultural methods have forced exploration into new and innovative farming methods. One such method is underwater farming, which is gaining attention as a sustainable alternative to traditional land-based farming. Underwater farming involves growing crops and herbs in pods anchored to the seabed using hydroponic technology. Underwater farming has several […]

Climate Change and the Food and Beverage Industry: Innovations for Adaptation and Resilience

Climate change

Climate change is a global challenge that poses significant threats to various aspects of human life. Among the sectors significantly impacted by climate change is the food and beverage industry. As extreme weather events become more frequent and intense, food production, distribution, and consumer behaviours are being reshaped. Growing scientific research explores the effects of […]

Food as medicine: the benefits of medical and functional food 

Food as medicine

The world is facing a global epidemic of diet-related chronic diseases, with one in every five deaths caused by a diet lacking in essential nutrition. Eating a diet rich in nutrients is necessary for our overall health and provides us with energy for activity and growth. Nutritious foods provide valuable health benefits that can reduce […]

Gut health: The gateway to wellness

Gut health - Blog image

Gut health is becoming a concern for consumers who want to improve their body systems,  with 45% of them considering it to be extremely important to the body’s health, according to a recent study by Health Focus International…

Food as medicine: beyond the diet and before the drugs

A bottle of vitamins and vegetables spilled on the ground, providing a colorful and nutritious scene

Product Claims The action of nutrients used as ingredients in products can be attributed to their nutritive value. Nutritive value is often considered as a regulatory basis for adding such ingredients to food products (i.e. for technical effect). As opposed to any pharmacological effect, foods are typically used for other purposes. Dietary supplements, foods for […]

Consumers’ motivations and expectations toward functional foods

A pair of glasses reflecting a colorful assortment of fruits and vegetables

Having a healthier life, living longer, looking fit, having the satisfaction of opening a beautiful package, or simply eating something tasty. What makes people buy functional foods among so many options they find on the market? This article will discuss customers’ motivations and expectations when purchasing functional food products. Furthermore, it will paint a picture […]

Looking to create an impact and accelerate your success in the functional food & beverage space, but got stuck in the process?

Green molecules

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