Delighting New Segment of Consumers with Vegan Indulgence

Vegan ice cream

The Challenge

Creating a vegan ice-cream with a label friendly stabilizer system whilst keeping the same level of performance and without unbalancing the nutrition of the recipe

Problem Solving

Understand the complex role of stabilizers in the manufacture, sensory experience (creaminess, coldness, texture, melting profile) and shelf life (i.e. freeze-thaw stability) of ice cream.


Clean-label reformulation leveraging ingredient perception knowledge, regulatory know-how  with food applications experience, ingredients knowledge and formulation expertise to formulate complex model systems:
  • Label-friendly plant-based ingredients with no E-numbers declaration
  • Acceptable melting time delivering indulgent mouthfeel and soft texture
  • Excellent process performance for bulk ice cream with good overrun capacity, delivering core processing requirements and shelf life stability

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Delighting New Segment of Consumers with Vegan Indulgence

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