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Alternative proteins

The objective

The primary objective of this project was to design and test suitable formulations for the target consumer, and to develop two different MVP-prototype options in plant-based meat alternatives for the US market.

The challenge

The main challenge lay in creating a nutritious and tasty plant-based meat alternative that consumers would repeat-purchase, while fulfilling all of the necessary claims that the brand requested. Such claims included: grain-free, gluten-free, no artificial ingredients or sweeteners, plant-based, vegan, organic, and non-GMO.

The approach

  • Foresight and insight analysis
  • Proof of concept, formulation design
  • Project management leadership and prototype development

We investigated future market trends and innovations, key players, main barriers to entry, and customer pain points to ensure the creation of long-term successful products in line with FDA approval processes. We coordinated, planned, and led key project meetings, ensuring adherence to timelines, and highlighting any risks and/or risk mitigation plans to multiple project stakeholders, while ensuring the team was appropriately resourced to support project success during pre- and post-launch activities. We also oversaw the initial manufacturing handover and co-manufacturer vetting processes, in addition to implementing systems for quality assurance, product liability insurance, and third party audits. Additional responsibilities included an ongoing review of deadlines and timelines, flagging any key issues and/or delays, and working with those accountable to ensure zero slippage on task achievement.

Results achieved

  • Created a future market outlook based on a roadmap for alternative proteins towards 2030 and beyond, which allowed us to design an alternative protein value proposition to match target customers’ needs.
  • Identified suitable plant-based ingredients, formulation recipes, and relevant technology, based on an analysis of trends and foresights which led to the achievement of an ideal formulation for both Stock Keeping Units (SKU’s), while meeting all nutritional and health claims, as per the initial brief.
  • Coordinated the sensory and organoleptic testing process as well as product usage tests with 250 users within the target audience segment to achieve key learnings for product improvement in the ensuing phases.
  • Conducted shelf-life testing and managed the regulatory review process alongside the management and successful achievement of FDA compliance and certification.

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