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Hand holding an ice cream

Delighting a new segment of consumers with vegan indulgence

The objective

Create a vegan ice cream with a label-friendly stabiliser system, while maintaining deliciousness and the nutritional balance of the recipe.

The challenge

We had to understand the complex role of stabilisers in the manufacture, sensory experience (creaminess, coldness, texture, melting profile) and shelf life (freeze-thaw stability) of vegan ice cream.

The approach

  • Investigate and establish excellent process performance for bulk vegan ice cream, with good overrun capacity that would deliver core processing requirements and shelf-life stability.
  • Research and develop an acceptable melting time, to deliver indulgent mouthfeel and a soft texture.
  • Use label-friendly, plant-based ingredients with no E-number declaration.
By researching and developing a clean-label reformulation, we leveraged a knowledge of ingredient perception, regulatory know-how, food-applications experience, ingredients knowledge, and formulation expertise to deliver a product that satisfied all requirements of the brief.

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