Natural Product in Frozen Dessert Sector

A newly established company was faced with a distinct challengethe owner recognised the need for a natural product in the frozen dessert segment and within two years the company added a consumer packaged goods product division to the company.

The Challenge

The unique product line required a truly innovative go-to-market strategy.

The Solution

iNewtrition devised a plan to scale for growth and successfully led the offering from a quick service restaurant to an award-winning wholesale natural health food company in the food service industry. Under Raphaelle’s leadership, the company built out a production facility and later partnered with a national co-packer, which landed the company prominent food service accounts. Raphaelle was instrumental in developing product line extensions while repeatedly increased year-over-year sales 2x – 3x. With strong connections and knowledge of the foodservice industry, Raphaelle helped to launch the company into lower schools, universities, and hospitals which now equates to two-thirds of the company’s revenue.

Services provided:

  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Facility build-out & manufacturing
  • Co-manufacturer search, vetting, & selection
  • Product development

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