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Performance Nutrition Innovation

The objective

Our brief was to create a clean-label protein powder superfood blend for the US market with the goal of positively impacting and improving the athletic performance and training ability of both amateur and professional female athletes.

The challenge

Product innovation and education in female-focused nutrition has been significantly lacking, especially regarding research into nutritional ingredients and dietary supplements. This looks to be a strong potential-growth category, as more and more women work on optimising their bodies for endurance, strength, and speed. The challenge facing brands is to create nutritious products with a compelling value proposition that aligns with female nutritional goals based around performance and strength.

The approach

We carried out a hands-on strategic business review and innovation workshop detailing key trends and insights in the innovation landscape for the category. This helped us accelerate innovation and drive differentiation at each stage of the product development process. Through a stability study, and by aligning the company’s innovation processes and technology with their goals, we helped them minimise the potential for denaturation and achieve their desired 18-month shelf life (stable in all climates). We also took into consideration the impact of COVID-19 on the dietary supplement and performance nutrition markets.

We conducted competitor analysis, market research, consumer insights, and consumer mapping studies in the United States to determine the correct unique selling points for the product, and to establish potential value propositions for a marketing launch strategy. Our consumer investigations allowed us to understand the total consumer experience by identifying the key success factors and primary drivers behind customer enjoyment and satisfaction. This helped us create a customised formulation based on the sensory preferences of the target customer, allowing the company to fully commercialise the science behind the female-focused ingredients.

A rapid and agile research and development plan led to a female-focused product offering within the performance nutrition space that was based on female-specific nutritional needs. Our approach of ‘compliance by design’ aligned the brand with the appropriate FDA-approved nutritional and health claims in the United States.

This also clarified the necessary scale-up processes. By identifying these and the general costs that would be incurred at each step in the value chain, we achieved the key performance indicators desired on-time and within budget.

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