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We believe that food innovation is a key driver of growth and a solution to many of our global food industry problems. As food technology consultants we want to help you encourage food innovation in your business through the products you create by sharing our design-thinking and consumer-centric approach to help you every step of the way.

Don’t Wait……Innovate!

iNewtrition works with food technology consultants around the world to bridge the gap and create powerful synergies between technology and health & nutrition. We can provide the food science element to your food technology. Some key trends and areas that we can add value to include:
  • Personalised nutrition: as each generation is becoming healthier and living longer, we will need solutions that become more tailored to our needs to be able to adapt to and manage that change.Stratified and personalised nutrition strategies aim to reduce or prevent nutritional-related deficiencies and illnesses and is something we can consider in your recipe design and delivery system.
  • Converging industries: specifically the newly formed beauty-from within space where the best of the nutritional, beauty, and healthcare industries combine to create functional products to benefit the consumer. As food innovation consultants we’ll analyse the ingredient options for your products and looking at alternative, innovative uses as part of our service scope.
  • Alternative Proteins: creating effective, nutritious and delicious alternatives to our animal-based products requires increasing knowledge, technology availability and financial expense.
We aim to help you create commercially viable protein alternatives and plant-based products by improving your processes, reducing risk through sustainable practices and implementing cost-reducing measures where possible.

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