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Clean Science & Natural Ingredients

Bringing Your Health & Wellness Product Ideas to Life

Using the relationship between nature and science, we can help you improve your portfolio in terms of functionality, nutrition, and sustainability by benchmarking products. Examining the re-validation of by-products, identifying relevant and naturally occurring bioactives, evaluating disruptive packaging, product format and usage occasions.

Merging the Best of Science and Nature

Under the guidance of clean science innovation, here are a few ways that iNewtrition can help your project succeed: Assist in establishing consumer trust through the creation of functional foods and beverages, nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals using proven ingredients and bioactives in new delivery systems and matrices. We could use vitamins and minerals with an approved health claim to build trust or address specific health benefits surrounding immunity and other key consumer pain points. Adjust concepts like clean label, safety, familiarity and naturalness to your specific brand with a naturopathy-like positioning to help denote holistic/traditional attributes and enhance the perception of effectiveness. Adopt natural ingredients to maintain sustainability, shared-value, supply chain and distribution efforts. The entire value chain and life cycle should be at the core of the process with a focus on consumer-centric product design thinking to help you create memorable products that stand-out on-shelf. Consider the benchmarking of products by using disruptive packaging, product format and usage occasions in the product development stage. This will strengthen connection points with users through engaging branding, particularly relevant for medicinal/functional foods/fortified foods with nutritional benefits. Important to not underestimate the emotional connection, especially during times of uncertainty and unpredictability.

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